Magasin Vietnamese Cafe

I recently visited uptown New Orleans newest Vietnamese restaurant, Magasin Vietnamese Cafe.   Magasin provides authentic Vietnamese food while keeping the prices cheap and the quality of the food reputable. Once you enter the restaurant, there is a line that forms in the middle, which is kind of awkward because you feel like you are intruding on people’s meals.  Our wait for a table of 2 wasn’t that long, about 10 minutes, but if you came with more people it could be much longer because they don’t have many large tables.

The atmosphere is open and light, definitely not a romantic spot but good for a casual bite with friends.  The servers were very attentive,  almost too attentive, our meal went by very quickly.  We were barely done our appetizers and our entrees came out.

We started off with shrimp spring rolls (picture above) with a spicy peanut dipping sauce.  The spring rolls themselves tasted mild, partially because they were full of noodles.  The dipping sauce managed to liven the dish up though.  The sauce tasted sweet, spicy and nutty, it was so flavorsome I could have eaten it with a spoon. I might have actually done that at some point. My entrée was the com/rice dish with eggplant, jasmine rice, fried egg, dipping sauce and a side salad.  The fried egg on top made the dish very visually appealing. At first bite, I thought it could have use a little more salt, but once I poured the sauce and had a bite mixed with the rice, egg and eggplant, that thought quickly left my mind. My friend Kasey got the filet mignon pho which she said was really good but I didn’t taste it so I cannot attest to it’s goodness. Overall I like Magasin, the food for the price you can’t beat ($24 for an appetizer and 2 entrée’s, and one drink) and they have quite a few healthy options.

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