Satsuma on Maple St.

I love a cute local sandwich/salad lunch place and I was so excited to hear Satsuma opened an uptown location recently.  My sisters and I met there for lunch this past weekend and weren’t disappointed.

The restaurant had a younger crowd, mostly people in their twenties and thirties.  The windows in the restaurant made it very bright and vibrant.  The décor was rustic and cottage like with multi-colored chairs, white tile backdrop and a wooden counter with splashes of color.

When ordering the food the cashier helped us a lot by steering us toward her favorite items, like the beet and quinoa salad.  After ordering and grabbing a table, the food appeared very quickly, which was perfect because we were starving.

The menu weighs heavy with breakfast items and sandwiches that sound delicious, but I was more in the mood for a salad.  They only had three salads that seemed like sides rather than entrées, so I went with a sandwich knowing I would get a side salad with it.

I ordered the roasted pear and brie melt with caramelized onions, walnut spread and balsamic glaze on wheat.  The sandwich was hearty while still being light.   The bread thankfully wasn’t sliced store bought bread, instead it was dense, nutty, and covered with light butter.  The onions gave a nice savory contrast to the sweet pears and the brie provided a creamy texture.   Overall the sandwich was a win.

My sisters split the beet and quinoa salad and the BLT which both were delicious.  The quinoa salad, studded with walnuts and goat cheese, captured the essence of the restaurant, which is fresh vegetables prepared simply so that their natural flavors come out.

The BLT maintained the classic BLT flavors but kicked up a tad with the aioli sauce.

The cleanser drink (above) is a mix of beet, fennel, cucumber, lemon and celery, and it tasted like grass.  It’s more of an acquired taste.

The green drink is apple, fennel, kale, cucumber and celery.  Similar to the other drink in taste but slightly sweeter.

Some of the tables are pretty close together so I got to check out my neighbors plates with breakfast items that looked worthwhile. The menu also had a lot of other delicious looking sandwiches that warranted a repeat visit, like the salmon salad with capers and red onion.

When I left I told my sisters that Satsuma is definitely a place I will be visiting again.  The ingredients epitomize my favorite type of lunch spot, which is fresh, delicious and healthy.

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