CC’s Community Coffee House


As I previously wrote about, I love coffee and I decided to review several coffee shops in the city and share my thoughts about them.


Last week I went to visit one of my favorite coffee shops, CC’s Community Coffee House in the Irish Channel. I got my usual iced mocha with 1/2 the chocolate. They make their iced mocha drinks like most coffee shops with milk, espresso, chocolate syrup and ice. They use regular chocolate syrup instead of dark chocolate like Starbucks uses so it is a little sweeter. Overall a very tasty iced mocha!

What I really like about this coffee-house is the location and the clientele. It’s located in the middle of some of the best Magazine Street shopping. It is in perfect proximity for grabbing a cup-of-joe and hitting up Hemline! The people who come here range from students to shoppers to tourist and that makes it a great people watching spot. You may even spot a celebrity or two on break from filming! The people who work here are super friendly and extremely excited about coffee. I also love that they have a parking lot in the back, not having to pay the meter or fight for a spot is a plus.

The healthy food offerings are slim. The pastry case has muffins, scones, bagels, cake, etc. If you are in the mood for a treat I would go with the single shortbread cookie out of the jar. You could also try king cake by the slice when it is in season. The king cake is made by a bakery down the street.

Some of the healthier drink choices (200 calories or less) ordered without whip cream and with skim , 2% or soy milk:

  • Regular coffee
  • Cafe au lait: any size or milk choice is <200 calories
  • Cappuccino: any size or milk choice is <200 calories
  • Latte: grande with 2% milk (190 calories) or super grande with skim milk (170 calories)
  • Mocha: tall with non-fat milk (170 calories)
  • Grande Signature Mochasippi: (90 calories)
  • Iced coffee: any size or milk choice is <200 calories
  • Iced latte: any size or milk choice is <200 calories
  • Iced mocha: grande with 2% milk (200 calories) or super grande with 3 pumps of mocha and skim milk (180 calories)
  • Iced flavored latte: grande with 2% milk (190 calories) or super grande with 3 pumps of vanilla and skim milk (190 calories)

Flavored syrups are offered in regular and sugar-free versions. I would go with the regular syrup but use less of it, one to three pumps should suffice.



Overall, I love this place! If they would only offer some type of healthy food it would be perfect!

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